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Welcome to your news site for information on outdoor movie screenings in the Washington, D.C., area. Here at DC Outdoor Films, we love outdoor movies!

Movie schedules are subject to change without notice or in case of bad weather. (They usually get canceled for rain.)

To suggest additional screening listings, report errors or just say hello, contact us.

Hosting a screening? We're happy to share your movie screening info with the world, no charge. Just send us an email. (You can also contact us via Twitter.)

Enjoy the show!

Have more questions? Here are a few FAQs for attendees:

Where can I find movie start times?
Movie start times vary by location. And sometimes they also vary by date. If it's not listed our site, check the web page of a screening location by clicking on a location name.

How can I tell if a screening offers captioning?
We are 100% in favor of outfoor film captioning, which makes movies more accessible for all. If we know about captioning, we'll list it on the site. If it's not listed, check the web page of a screening location by clicking on a location name. Or contact them on Twitter or Facebook. Our thanks to DC Deaf Moviegoers for their help in identifying screenings with captioning.

What time is sunset?
It varies by time of year. Check here.

How can I tell if a screening is canceled?
Movies are usually canceled for rain and other bad weather. The fastest way to find out is by checking the Twitter or Facebook page of a screening location. Always check before heading out.

The information on your site is wrong.
Sorry about that. We work hard to share the correct info, but sometimes organizers change their lineups without notice. Send us an email and we'll correct it.

Here are a few FAQs for organizers:

I have a food truck or promotion/giveaway that I'd like to bring to a screening. How do I do that?
Contact the organizers of a screening and ask them. Click on a screening location on our home page to visit organizer's web page and send them a message. Or contact them on Twitter or Facebook. DC Outdoor Films does not host or organize screenings.

Do you know where I can rent an outdoor movie screen?
Outdoor Movies is one option. They've provided screens and other equipment for many local screenings in the D.C., Virginia and Maryland metro region, including the Comcast film festival at Strathmore. Fun Flicks also rents screens in our area.

I have an outdoor screen. Can I show whatever movie I want at my public event?
No, you need a movie license to show films at your public outdoor screening event. Here are a few tips.

I see that a location is screening a movie at their event that I want to show. Do you know how they got their license?
No. Contact them and ask.

Do you want to sponsor my event?
No,  but we are happy to share info on your screenings.

Do you accept advertising? Do you make any money out of this at all?
Nope. We do this out of OUTDOOR MOVIE LOVE!

Note: This website was created for the entertainment and edification of DC area residents. DC Outdoor Films is a news site and has no affiliation with any outdoor film fests or organizations. DC Outdoor Films does not host or organize screenings. It was created and is maintained by a dedicated Arlington resident who loves outdoor movies and wished she could find all the area outdoor movies on one page. Copying our content is seriously not cool, but if you do, at least give us credit and link back to our site. DC Outdoor Films is not responsible nor liable for incorrect information.

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